Trademarks are useful tools. They help us distinguish between products, between services and sometimes between people. When we ask for a Pepsi, we know we won’t get a Coke. Similarly, when potential customers ask for a Realtor® they need to know they’re getting more than a real estate licensee – they’re getting a member of the National Association of Realtors®.

When you tell someone you’re a Realtor®, you are saying you are well informed about the real estate business, you’re a member of the largest trade association in the United States, and you subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics.

The Realtor® Organization is a three-tiered structure (local, state and national), bringing you an array of benefits from each level. When you join your local Realtor® association, you automatically become a member of the state and national associations as well. The diagram below provides an illustration of the basic (not complete) programs and services provided by the REALTOR® organization.


Your Local Board

Greater Allegheny-Kiski Area

  • Enforcement of the Code of Ethics including arbitration & mediation
  • Home Buyer/Home Seller Dispute Resolution
  • Education, professional development & net working
  • Advertising through the “Homes Digest”
  • – Membership Directory & Municipal Guide and more now online
  • Saving you time everyday with quick, easy and reliable communications that help you stay on top of industry news and gain business tips


Your State Association

  • Legislative and political affairs
  • Convention, Trade Show and networking opportunities
  • Access to standard forms through
  • – Electronic daily-news resource


Your National Association

  • Industry Standards such as the Code of Ethics
  • Public policy and legal advocacy
  • Access to print & electronic information such as and the REALTOR® Magazine
  • Saving you money on products & services with Realtor® Rewards and REALTOR® Benefits Plus
  • Giving you visibility to consumers through a nationaltelevision & radio advertising campaign

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